The Generic BOINC Application Client (GBAC) is a virtualization (VirtualBox) based wrapper. Beyond its name it aims to be a generic framework providing virtualized environments for various distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs).

It is based on the VBoxWrapper of BOINC, but GBAC was implemented using the DC-API Meta API and does not rely on any middleware specific functionalities, thus it is possible to use it on any DCI. Currently our implementation supports BOINC, Condor and XtremWeb middleware beside standalone execution.


2014-02-14 - r2614
- See doc/ChangeLog at the Downloads for changes.

2013-09-27 - r2603
- Add RDP (remote desktop) support for the VMs: placing a file named 'enable_rdp' in the slot directory will enable RDP for that virtual machine on port 1501 of the host. VirtualBox extpacks are required.
- Do not gunzip VA twice: upon registering a new UUID is assigned.
Overwriting the VA will produce a invalid (old) UUID and VM resuming will fail. -- This was the case when CPU scheduling period was reached and boinc invoked temporary exit.
- Try to detect if GBAC itself is running on a VM (e.g.: IaaS cloud) and disable hardware virtual acceleration in that case (nested virtualization FAIL).

2013-09-16 - r2602
- Print version number on startup.
- Added -v/--version command line parameters to print version and quit (before stderr/stdout redirection and/or middleware init).

05/29/2013 - r2598
- VA+GBAC: support for environment variables.
- VA: more free space.
- GBAC: Support for .gz format VAs (GBAC will unzip them before the VM is started).
- VA+GBAC: Support for network access in the VAs (disabled by default).
- Removed obsolete pdf manual from packages. Manual is online now at .
- If a file named 'display_gui' is present in the startup directory VirtualBox GUI will be presented.

01/28/2013 - r2592
- VA only change: allow main executable to be specified as an absolute path

11/12/2012 - r2591
- Makefile: Make plan class configurable per platform
- Change default plan class to vbox64 for Linux64
- Manual: add a note taht VA must be downloaded separately from the binaries
- GBAC should return stderr.txt, stdout.txt, gbac-exex.log (execution log) if requested
- boinc_appmgr should deploy GBAC as vbox32 app plan class application
- GBAC guest tools now run under a less privileged account
- FIX: guest tools were not able to identify the main exeutable if gbac_job.xml contained everything in a single line

08/21/2012 - r2570
- Manual updates: added a section about enabling networking on the default VA.
- Manual fixes.

05/30/2012 - r2561
- Add missing gbac-master.xml to package.
- Manual updates: remove references to gbac-server.xml.
- Makefile: remove references to gbac-server.xml and add compile gbac-master.xml.
- Fix path of sample_trivial_validator in gbac-master.xml.

05/25/2012 - r2558
- App version 1.31.
- Exit with exit status of the application in the VM.
- Simplify path assembly.
- Display only a notice when gbac_job.xml is not found.

05/24/2012 - r2556
- Missing log files should not make the application fail.
- Updated manual: removed restriction for 1 core limit

03/09/2012 - r2550
- Changed version numbering to follow SVN revision numbers.
- Updated packages to include latest build, ChangeLog, sample XML files and manual.

02/01/2012 - r1
The initial release of GBAC is out now.